Happy Birthday to a super man

It was the hubba-wubba’s birthday. Which meant a chance to dine at a special-occasion restaurant. His main preference is for hearty steaks, but we decided upon a Japanese place that we’ve been meaning to try. He knows its my favourite cuisine too, so. Yup, he’s super like that. 
And since I don’t really aspire to be a food blogger, I’ll spare you the descriptions of how delicate, how complex or how cloying (or not) the food was. Suffice to say, it was all Very Good. 
Salad and amuse-bouche
Salmon slivers in truffle oil
Tempura sweet potato and veg
Teppanyaki King prawn with uni sauce
Ebi and Gyu
The liquids
Very subtly served, just the way he’d like it

I’ve said many times what an awesome daddy he is, so this time, it’s happy birthday to an understanding hubby, the person who’s the most keenly aware of my character flaws, who sees the most un-glam side of me (too often), who is most likely to be at the receiving end on my PMS days; yet forgives me, tells me hard truths, and loves me still, all on a daily basis.

Yes, this is what I signed up for when I said I do. Thanks for always trying to love as He did the church. Thank you for being you, and I’ll try to be a better me. Muacks. 

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