Happy 9th Birthday, dear K

Dear K,

Just like this, you turned 9. Earlier this year, a lovely friend offered to bake you a unicorn cake, and what an utterly gorgeous cake it turned out to be! (Thank you so much for your love, dear!)

We had two simple celebrations, one with immediate family, and one with some of your best school pals, as is our tradition.

The swim party at another generous friend’s home was washed out by the incessant heavy rain, but you and mei mei still managed to have some fun when the rain finally stopped. The generous Uncle D put his intensive gym sessions to good use in tirelessly pumping up these two impressive floats for you two.

With your friends, we gave you an option of an art or craft class like last year, or a swim party, but you chose the latter. So off it was to another friend’s home nearby.

However, it rained again (how were we to know months in advance that it would rain almost all weekend?) and we activated the wet weather plan of Board Games instead. Glad that all your friends really enjoyed the games!

And when the rain stopped suddenly, there was time for some outdoor playground fun before dinner time.

Everyone also enjoyed the pretty and yummy strawberry shortcake birthday cake that day.


We are so proud of your gentle and quiet spirit, your love for God’s word and choir songs (that you randomly break out into), your ardent unstoppable passion for writing, your determination and perseverance in Taekwondo and ballet, as well as your genuine love for your sister (even though you understandably lose your patience with her at times).

As you grow, the pressures from school mount, and some tween-intransigence slowly but surely makes its presence felt. But we pray that you will always have a balanced perspective of life, handle the hormonal swings with a character foundation built upon God’s truth, and always live life to the fullest in light of what matters in eternity.

We love you so much, K!


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