Happy 47th Birthday our Singapore

All ready for the sun.

I love going for national day parades. Even when it was uncool to do so as a teenager or young adult. The fireworks were a big draw of course, and I still remember being in total awe as the huge fiery chrysanthemums dripped their cool sparks down towards our upturned faces.

Secondly, I’ve always been somewhat of a patriot. When the national anthem is played on parade days, tears actually well up in my eyes, even if I’m just watching it on TV.

I guess I do love my country, warts and all. Perhaps those who bother with sincere criticism are those who care the most.

This year, we were very fortunate to “win” tickets a week before from the hubby’s office lucky draw.  Then just a day before, another colleague gave the hubs his ticket and we had three.  Hubs hates crowds, so offered to  stay home with one-year-old B, so Gong Gong got to go instead, since he’s quite immune to crowds.

K showed signs of not wanting to go after she heard that there’d be fireworks (not a plus to her, having been quite terrified when she had the wonderful chance to see them from MBS a couple of years ago). But the promise of the rare lollipop solved all that.  So here’s the photo to prove I made good on that promise.

There was this real cute eurasian boy sitting directly behind us, and Sharon Au was tipped off to go cosy up wtih him whilst being filmed “singing with the crowd”.  That was as close as we got to being on TV.  Shucks.

Everytime I see a aircraft display, am reminded of the Israeli fighter jet show I saw during one work trip.  They flew So LOW!

As expected, three-plus year old K was a bit intimidated by the sonic boom, but I’m glad she didn’t miss the sight!


Photographers aiming to shoot the ministers, heh heh.

Realised that we ended up in pretty good seats – abreast with the members of parliament, albeit a section away.  The moment of the parade for me this year was Mr Lee emerging (like Yoda, as someone said to me). I whooped together with the rest of the crowd, a totally spontaneous release of raw relief and respect for the old man. 

Whatever unpalatable views he might have held and tried to implement, deep down inside the old guy loves his country and has lived his whole life in pursuit of the greater good of this fishing village. 

His treatment towards those he perceived as enemies (of the state? of his?) might be hard to forgive, but this is a man I deeply admire for his steadfast love for his wife – such a rarity today.  I knew by Monday night that the rumours were unfounded, but it was still so good to see the man, appear on the Singapore-shaped screen, larger than life as always.

I asked on FB if anyone else had tickets in my section so we could go together – thought it’d be nice for K to have another kid to hang out with.  A sec sch classmate responded and we happily went together. Her little 6.5 yr old danced happily, draped the scarf across her neck (which K quickly copied). Although they weren’t quite at the age to chat, they shared snacks and I was so pleased to be remembered as the “nice auntie” thereafter!

The fireworks were stunning as usual, and going home was actually quite a breeze. Don’t think we’ll be winning tickets annually, so this might be the one “live” parade we get to experience in a while.  It was good being there.  Happy Birthday, Singapore.

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