Handmade with Heart this April

A set of simple Mother’s Day cards, handmade with heart. All sold, with full proceeds going to charity.

6 inch by 6 inch pieces of paper on their way to bringing cheer to the receiver, and funds to the needy.

Completed them one weekend evening, with the girls’ help. It was a happy hour or so, of crafting together, somewhat! Ah, sign of more of such sessions to come I hope…

One enthusiastically tape-rolled the little inserts, another stuck them in. If you look closely, you can probably spot a few tiny embellishments stuck on by over-eager hands before I could say, urm not there! So if some other strips of paper also look less than perfectly aligned, you know why. 🙂

Special thanks to the SIL for donating these papers.

Here are some other mummy bloggers who are also taking part in this initiative! Hop on over to their card posts below if you’d like to take a look and what they made, and consider making a purchase.

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Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive! Just being in the privileged position of being able to give, that is cause for thanksgiving in itself, isn’t it?

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