Grand daddy love

Captured this precious moment lately. My papa, with my baby girl. “Teaching” her how to play the piano (my aged almost 30 year old yamaha upright).

I am fortunate to have a strict (no qualms activating the cane) yet doting daddy (who taught himself to read music, incidentally). And my daughters are even more blessed that they have a simply doting grandpapa.

He comes by daily, brings them to the playground some days, to the nearby mall with its mini zoo (Pet Safari) where they can spend up to an hour, swimming on hot afternoons… he is so good with B she lets him rock her to sleep.

He tells K before leaving every evening that he loves her (wow how grandfatherhood changes one! Not only are they less strict, they say things that they never said to their own kids!). And reminds us to tell her that when he doesn’t hear us say it to her often enough.

What a great grand-dad. As someone who never got to meet either of her grandpapas, I feel that my children are so, so, blessed.

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