Got me Book Fairy wings recently!

I came across the Book Fairies initiative about a year ago. Have been following BookFairiesWorldwide and BookFairies_Singapore since.

Recently, I put in my first order for Book Fairy stickers, bookmarks and ribbons, and decided to treat myself to a Book Fairy enamel pin too (cos it was so darling).

How this works is simple: purchase stickers from (free delivery worldwide, sent from Book Fairy HQ in the UK), stick them on books you’d like to giveaway, then drop them off at public locations, and hope someone picks it up, reads it and passes it on! Like a truly ‘mobile’ library.

You can take a photo and post it on social media with hashtags to increase the chances of it being picked on up by someone who’d like to read that particular book.

Although I bought the Book Fairy Bundle, you only really need to buy book stickers to play along. The basic set of 9 stickers costs just 2 pounds (around SGD$4) and comes with free shipping!

During the school holidays, we traipsed around the island quite a bit, so here’s where moi the book fairy has made book fairy drops!

I think it’s a fun way of passing on the love! These are books that are still in good condition (mostly read once, by me), and books that I think at least one other person would enjoy.  And I know that at least one of these books has been picked up by someone who posted about her find on Instagram. Yay.

#ibelieveinbookfairies  Do you?


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