Give blood. Save lives.

I used to donate blood pretty regularly, if once a year for 5 years counts as regular. 😛

So when I chanced upon a blood donation drive at a mall, I really wanted to do it. The supportive hubs said “Sure”, and agreed to solo-parent for however long it takes.  Gotta love the guy. He even got the girls to take a photo with the drop of blood (hur hur), and whatsapp-ed it to me.  😀

Our Saturday morning

I hadn’t donated blood in many years. What with being pregnant and having kids (read: zero time), and breastfeeding cumulatively for years (realised that they do not accept blood from pregnant and breastfeeding mums cos they tend to be low in iron).

Glad I am now in the clear for donating blood, and can’t wait to do it more regularly – at least once a year, God-willing!

I was very heartened to see many people in the queue to donate, and at least half were female. There was such a crowd that we had to wait half an hour at least to see the medical professional that went through the questionnaire with us. But thereafter it was all very quick, testing for blood iron levels, and administering the Needle. I remember the anaesthetic injection as being rather painful, but this time it was really bearable. Was tickled that we could choose the colour of our bandages (first time I used such a cute bandage).

It was a great chance to explain to K and B what blood donation was all about, and how some people who were involved in accidents or major operations would require extra blood. I hope they grow up to be active blood donors too!

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