Gincho Clay – fuss-free play (with Giveaway!)

Gincho Clay is the new clay-kid-on-the-block.

It’s produced by Japanese company Gincho (銀島), which is why all the words on the packaging are in Japanese! If you’re fluent in Japanese, I’m sure you can learn loads more information on it at the Gincho website here.


Although called clay, the larger sets are made of Rice Dough, comprising three simple and natural elements – rice+salt+water. It is thus gluten-free, which means it’s great for kids who are allergic to wheat/gluten. The smaller sets are made of wheat+salt+water. The clay is fragrance-free, and since it’s made of these natural ingredients, it’s non-toxic and very child-friendly.

The kids were simply thrilled with the generous  number of sets we were gifted with. B arranged them into a ring.



The best thing I liked about Gincho Clay was the fact that it has a really nice texture. Soft and easy to mould, it comes close to providing a form of sensory therapy.

Secondly, it doesn’t dry up too fast, like conventional clay, resulting in brittle bits that drop off. Gincho Clay remains soft and mouldable for quite a long time, which means more time to play with it. The larger sets come with little tubs, and when the clay is stored inside overnight, it remains soft and malleable the next day for continued fun.


The blendable colours are bright and cheery, and can be mixed to form new colours or a marbled effect. Each larger box set comes with an instruction sheet, which though wholly in Japanese, has pictures that are easy to understand. Every set has a colour blending legend, which teaches you how to make all the colours featured in that set, with the primary colours provided. Red + Blue + Yellow makes this really gorgeous chocolate brown (bear photo above). K said it looked good enough to eat, heh.


The new Clay Set Jewellery was a big hit with 7 year old K, who made these lovelies all by herself.




The Clay Set Sushi was also super cute. For the smaller sets, the back of the box explains exactly what comes with the set, and pictures to show how to handle the dough. It is easiest to remove the dough from the moulds by ‘picking it up’ with a large round ball of dough (as illustrated at the bottom right corner below). For the sushi set, you need to get your own black craft paper to complete the look.



And B had loads of fun experimenting with what came out of the Press Shape Machine, which has 10 different stencil shapes.


Where to buy

This product will launch at Popular Bookstores islandwide with a special promotion from 4 March – 3 April 2016! Popular Bookstore cardmembers are eligible for a 20% discount, and you can purchase up to 2 animal mould sets at $1 each, if your initial total purchase is above $20 nett.

Just in time to occupy the imps during the March school holidays, don’t you think?




One loyal reader here stands to win 2 small sets of your choice (worth more than $25)!

To enter, complete all the steps below:

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The giveaway ends on 2359 hrs on 11 Mar 2016, and the winner will be contacted via email to arrange for collection. The usual terms and conditions apply, and the winner’s name will subsequently be announced as an update on this blog post. 🙂

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