Gardens by the Bay – going on a Flight of Fancy

We had the privilege of being invited to review Gardens by the Bay’s Flight of Fancy exhibition.  The girls (lucky them) had been to the domes before with their granduncles, grandaunts and grandparents.  The hubs and I had never been so we were really looking forward to it!

Walking amidst the layang towards the domes!
In air-conditioned comfort, we strolled amidst flowers, flowers everywhere!

The hot air balloons added cheery dashes of colour in the Flower Dome
I had been to the UK’s Eden Project more than 10 years ago, and this was reminiscent of it, albeit on a larger scale.  Plants from different climate and timezones, all gathered in one large garden.  Almost a zoo of sorts, for flora.
The lilies were bigger than our faces!

I was particularly taken by the helm oak (left) which is found in California. The Australian bottle tree was also kinda cute.

Exploring the irresistable gravel

It was great that the kids could gently touch the different leafs – some felt as waxy as they looked, other fleshy small leafs looked knobbly and plastic but were soft to the touch, and of course we had to warn them against reaching towards any cacti!

Baobabs. The second trunk on the left looks, urm, most rump-like, no?

A bit of holland

Pretty orchids and other drooping blooms
We met a slug!
Just when I was lamenting about the lack of fauna (all these gorgeous flowers, but where are the bees and butterflies?), we met Mr Slug.  The girls got up close and personal.   And before we knew it, we entered the Cloud Forest dome.  A gust of refreshing cool spray greeted us.  Some tourists went right up and were happy to get soaked by the waterfall, as they posed for that perfect shot.
Here’s the waterfall in its full glory – we didn’t see many clouds that morning though.
The skywalk was mind-bogglingly high but two year old B was unfazed and proceeded to hang from the handrail as if it were a familiar monkey bar. She had no issues looking through the floor grill, and gazing 7 floors down as she walked!

A view of the flyer – a new appreciation and thankfulness for clear blue skies has entered the national consciousness lately. Indeed the fluffy white clouds and endless brilliant blue are a beautiful sight.

The moving little toy trains were a thoughtful child-friendly touch. Definitely entranced many a big and small kid. 
As we wound down the skywalk and tree top walk there were educational exhibits too. But the main draw remained the lush vegetation and lichen covered branches. 
At the Secret Garden – a refreshing waterfall curtain
Exiting through the lion’s jaws

We had a great time at the two air conditioned domes of Gardens by the Bay, as the sun shone down brilliantly outside and fluffy clouds drifted by once again. 

Walking through beautifully landscapes gardens without a drop of perspiration is definitely a boon to us.

Do make it down for a visit if you haven’t done so yet!

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