Froggy Boogie – let your froglets do the boogie

My pal Pam who runs My First Games generously loaned us “Froggy Boogie” to try out. An “all-wooden game” (my favourite kind!), its basic premise is that of a memory game, but with a really cute storyline!

Gorgeously vivid colours and oh-so-cute froggy faces

The story goes like this: Baby frogs are trying to evade their mummies’ watchful eyes, so that they can have fun running (hopping, rather) circles round them (Hmm, too close to home, that.)

Players take on the role of baby frogs, roll two colour based wooden dice (so it’s easy for 2 to 3 year olds to play too – no counting necessary) to determine which mummy frog’s eyes to check. Kids get to learn matching of colours from that too. 2.5 year old B had just great fun just rolling the dice (she derived especial joy from flinging them far, e.g. under the dining table, and then running to fetch them).

Too cute

Thereafter, the player picks one eye to lift up and “check”. If the base of that eye is empty, the baby frog gets to advance one lily pad. If the base has the drawing of a little green frog, that means that the baby frog has been SPOTTED. Uh oh. Freeze on the current lily pad instead.

K was head and shoulders ahead of the rest of us this time around, which explains her glee

K & B enjoyed this game, and B even asked for it specifically a few days after we first played it! Evidence that she remembered it and that she had lots of fun! I think it’s most suited for children between 2 to 4 years old, since it’s so easy to catch on to. Great that it trains attention to detail, since the key to winning is in remembering which eye holds which design! You can make it more challenging (as Papa did to try to throw K off-track since she was remembering the positions better than him!) by shuffling the mama frogs around. Heh.

Papa joined in also this time – but guess who was leading in this game?

And what better time to get your very own set of Froggy Boogie than NOW? Cos My First Games is offering a 5% discount on your entire order over the next two weeks! Simply drop a note to, quoting “LittleBB” to enjoy it. 🙂

I find that the board games they stock are great as birthday or Christmas gifts (I bought three to give away at Christmas last year!) since they can be played again and again. Also a great way to bond with your kids, especially if you find yourself running out of ideas on new activities, like I do.

The high quality of materials used in making these games also mean that they will last a long time. It’s something unique that can’t be found in our malls, and Singaporean children can sure do with more fun and learning through games, don’t you think? Spread the word and play them games (our form of walking the talk)! 🙂

If you’re interested to find out more about the super mumpreneur behind this store, and her great ethos on play, do check out this recent special feature on her!

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