For the love of paint

The girls are always asking to paint, paint, paint. This was a weekday night, and I took out the brushes and stuff.

Suddenly inspired, I doodled pictures for them to paint, copying from a colouring book they had. Figured it might be more interesting than yet another rainbow. Or tree and house scene.

Surprised myself! Haha.

The elder girl requested a castle, no surprises there.

She was very pleased with her castle, and started to very earnestly try to make it ALL PINK.

Before I knew it, someone had a green palm. Then when I next looked, the entire back of her hand (and parts of arm!) where similarly hulked. *fainted*

“Why is your WHOLE HAND green, B?” I asked in horror.

“Cos this is finger painting.” She replied, not missing a beat. O.O

Suffice to say, it took a lot of washing up. Ah well, have to keep telling myself to chill and have fun.

The end result, somewhat.

I couldn’t resist intervening to make my balloon doodle less of a totally green swamp thing. So our friend did the green ‘fields’, and I coloured the hot air balloon. I really enjoyed it! Painting is therapeutic!

K started having fun decorating her castle with a giant flower, drawing in a sun… but somewhat lost steam when it came to the turrets. No stress, just paint what you like. Free play here…

Our masterpieces.

The next day, I was pleasantly surprised to see it up on the kids’ room wall! My helper had deemed it pretty enough to put up! Haha. Pleased!

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  2 comments for “For the love of paint

  1. February 19, 2016 at 1:23 am

    Hi, i’ve just started to learn how to paint on wood.I appleid gesso on a plywood but when i start sketching on it, the pencil’s lead scratched the gesso and took off some of it.It’s the same when i tried to erase some sketches with the eraser, the pencil line will still be there.Instead, it’s the gesso being taken off.I waited for the gesso to dry before i sketch on it.How do i do it correctly?

    • February 19, 2016 at 2:55 pm

      Hi Dorita, am not sure about this… have not really used gesso on plywood before, nor painted on wood.

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