First haircut at 3.5 years old

Yup, K had so little hair from the time she was born that I was very reluctant to cut what she had.

After 3. 5 years, her hair was finally at a decent length where I could tie french braids in addition to the Pippi Longstocking type braids that stuck straight out. So when the hubs kept commenting that her hair needed to be shaped, I decided that I could let go.  And relinquish the domain of hair-trimming to someone else.

Before this, her fringe was regularly trimmed by me (when they touched her eyes), and the longer ends were trimmed once every few months so that they were a tad less uneven.

Was a bit surprised that she was so calm when we went to the hairdressers (my local neighbourhood one, with no fancy kiddy ride chairs, no DVD players, no special aquarium fish distractions) and gamely smiled and posed when I asked her to.

Was a tad thrown off when the lady said “fringe above the eyebrows yah” and went on to snip without missing a beat.  Before I could go NOT SO MUCH, the deed was done.  And she looked like this.

Okay, K herself didn’t flinch, and agreed that she looked “cute” when I told her that, in a bid to make her myself feel better.  So okay, I’ll be getting no end of remarks from some parties on this, but AH WELL. It’ll grow. In the meantime, as one of my besties likes to say, hairband it.  Ah yes, a hairband covers over a multitude of (bad fringe cut) sins.  And I guess if anyone can get away with a too-short fringe, it’s an almost-four year old.  And another consolation? I won’t have to cut her fringe for a long while.  Boo hoo.

So now all I can lay claim to is nail-clipping. Solely my domain.  No one else cuts K and B’s nails, and no one seems to be interested to offer to take on this task either!

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