Fantastic four at the cusp of New Year 2013

Our earlier Christmas party was scuppered due to unforeseen events (shoooo bugs!), so we were very happy to still get to meet before the year ended. It was close though – New Year’s Eve dinner!

The kids warmed up instantly – hard not to when you’re faced with an indoor playground that would give Royce a run for its money!  First they warmed up with the individual toys (suitable for the whole range of 0-5), then tinkered a bit with the (rather adult and very awesome) Lego, before starting to play together at length in this very cute Ikea red and yellow tent, squeezing into it (how many kiddos can a tent like this hold??), collasping into giggles and shrieks (and threatening to collapse the tent itself by that)…

Somehow in the midst of all that we managed to have dinner (yummy Nakhon!) and the adults had a good chat.

As you can tell from the following photos, I was quite taken by the Lord of the Rings series Lego (they have a few more SETS not pictured here).

The big one is a Star Wars ship, btw – think they have many Star Wars sets too…

I like Playmobile too, but somehow nothing comes close to Lego.  The proportions of the figurines are just too cute. And who could have foreseen its versatility?

We didn’t take many photos, so it was nice that the hubs captured this shot as we were waiting for the lift.  All the girls are here, apart from 1.5 year old Willow.  In slightly more than half a year’s time, there’ll be another baby boy added to this group!  Awesome!

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