Durian Delivery Singapore – freshly plucked durians delivered to your door

There’s a new durian delivery start up in town and we tried them recently!

Jonah, founder of Durian Delivery Singapore, informed us that they ensure that only the freshest durians get to customers’ homes by shipping them in direct from Malaysia, from their own plantation. This means that Jonah and his partners get to control the quality of durians that they send.

It was certainly heartening to hear that, since most times, sellers are just out to make a quick buck and don’t bother with quality control.

This certainly makes it more convenient to enjoy high quality durians, without the hassle of having to travel to a trustworthy durian seller. Since durians are not allowed on public transport, this delivery service is definitely a boon for those who do not own private transport.

And Durian Delivery offers a selection of 5 of the most popular durian varieties – from XO D24 and D13 Red Prawn, to Mao Shan Wang, and their speciality – Hand-Picked Royal Old Tree Mao Shan Wang! What a grand name indeed.

Its website is also very easy to navigate, and has loads of information, including vivid descriptions on the taste of each variety so you know exactly what to expect. Much better than what I can suss out from the durian sellers at the fruit stalls near my home.

You can either choose between immediate delivery within 2 hours ($15) or next day delivery (timeslots such as 1-5pm, or 7-10pm) ($10).

As with most delivery services, I received an sms informing me that the durians had been picked up, and that I could expect them soon. If you’d like to know exactly when the delivery man is likely to arrive, you can message or call him. I did so, and received a prompt reply.

And here’s my durian loot upon arrival!

D24 XO

We ordered this cos my dad likes the XO variety. It was a good durian to start with, to warm the palate up. Soft, fresh, good durian.


I ordered the Mao Shan Wang (usual price $35, now at $26.90 for 400g) to see whether there was a discernible difference between it and the TSW. Whilst the MSW was sweeter and had a richer flavour as compared to the D24 XO, one could certainly tell the difference between the MSW and the premium TSW.


The Royal Old Tree MSW (TSW in short) certainly lived up to its name and pedigree, since it was just as flavourful as described, with a “Rich, heavily complex flavour that’s slightly bittersweet.” These durians are plucked from the oldest, most premium trees in their Malaysian farm.

It is priced at $42 for 400 grams, but is currently going at an offer price of $29.90 for 400g. What better time to try?

My dad, who knows his durians, declared the TSW “very, very good”.  So personally I’d say, just go straight for the TSW if you want the best durians. If you like the XO or Red Prawn varieties just because, then sure. But if you like the rich complexity of the MSW, then don’t waste time, just order the TSW.

The seeds of the MSW and TSW were all very soft, small and wrinkled, as seeds from the best durians always are. The XO seeds were rounder and more typical of that variety.

To maximise freshness, the MSW and TSW are no more than 6-12 Hours off the branches before they arrive in your homes. I think that’s pretty impressive!

Durian Delivery Singapore ensures that once the durian is open, it is processed in an air-conditioned space, before it is picked up by deliverymen and transported only in cool, conducive spaces.

So if you’re not great at choosing durians, and the best sellers are not near your home, this is certainly worth considering as an option to satisfy that durian craving!


Durian Delivery Singapore

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Note: Thanks for the durians sent to us for the purpose of this review!

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