Drawings by K

One friend recently started a category of posts on her daughter’s art, and another friend wrote a very comprehensive post on her daughter’s sketches, so I was inspired to put up K’s sketches on the blog for posterity too.

The topics of her sketches range from princesses……


……to ballet class……


……to school (I was amazed at how she could draw these tiny 1cm tall girls sitting side by side in the hall!) …….


……to classroom scenes (this is specifically the art classroom, which is twice the size of a usual classroom)……


……to extremely detailed cover-every-square-inch of the paper (special black paper given by her teachers, that reveals colour when scratched/drawn on with a toothpick)……


……and happy ice-cream sundaes (guess the flavours)!


I am constantly amazed, and happy to pore over her scrawls, as I try to figure out what she’s trying to depict. Many a time, I have to ask her what this is, or why these children are standing here, and she is always more than happy to explain.

Many of her drawings adorn her bedroom wall, but since it will be impossible to keep all of them (she draws about one piece a day!), it does seem to be a good idea to take photos of them and put them up here! : )

What are your kids’ favourite drawings of, currently?


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