Doh Vinci – Anywhere Art Studio and Vanity Design Kit

The girls love Play-Doh so they were thrilled to mess around with sister-product Doh Vinci.


I’d say it’s more suitable for those aged 6 and above, but 3.5 year old B really enjoyed just squeezing colours out of the ‘gun’, i.e. the styler tool. I think I probably did the most with it. Check out my polka dot flower below. 🙂


Gorgeous necklaces and anklets on the ponies below? Done by yours truly *takes a bow*.


The girls were totally absorbed. At one point, B was just squeezing out loads of it, and using it like PlayDoh.
IMG_5133We also realised that the cartridge covers made nice stamps, producing flower medallions!


The main issue with this great toy, is that it runs out too quickly! Haha. Within 2 days, this was all that was left of the cartridges. Many cartridges were totally spent. It’s not possible to re-insert the Doh into the cartridges once they come out either.

It’s a clever business model though, because you can purchase refill cartridges……


All in all, I felt that it was a little like the Whipple Cream toy, just that it comes in many more colours, and the styler tool applicator makes it easy to change colours and come up with different output textures. Quite like piping cream on cakes!

It hardens after a few hours of exposure to air, and feels a tad like rubber. Not completely hard like what Whipple Cream becomes.

We had hours of squishy, squiggly fun with it, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can create with it. I did like the fact that these two sets in particular have storage space, like a drawer for the Vanity Design Kit, and a compartment for paper and art materials for the Anywhere Art Studio. So the fun lives on!


Note: We received two sets of Doh Vinci for review.

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