Designs that make you wanna Tango

I’m an ardent fan of Tango Designs, and our family owns more than a dozen pieces now, ever since we discovered them a few years ago. Whenever we are decked out in them, people ask if I tailor made them myself! Haha, my talents do not extend to that, so I always mention that they were ordered online and direct them to this site.

Here are some of the lovely outfits we’ve been wearing through the years…

K at Christmas 2010 – barely 2 years old then…

At the Botanic Gardens, aged about 2.5…

At Universal Studios, stuffing her face with Shrek popcorn

Our studio photoshoot June 2012

Growing up so fast!
I love getting them clothes in the same fabric, different cut. Or same cut, different fabric. Heh.

They make lovely bibs too, fastened with one snap button behind – secure and easy to wear.
Maxi dress in Japanese-doll inspired fabric
Toga dress – pink cupcakes!

The cool feature of most of these dresses are that they are cut such that they can be worn as a dress, and later as a top – so the lifespan of one piece is really long, even though they do grow fast at this age!

We love the quality of the cotton fabric, and the great sewing of each piece. Having owned so many dresses through the years, the stitching sure does last through repeated machine washing, and I’ve never experienced problems with the zips, with stitches fraying or buttons malfunctioning. The colours stay bright too!

 Hamming it up! I bought a blouse with the same zebra print albeit in black and white to match. 🙂  And B is in a 2-in-1 reversible pinny here, with colourful zoo animals when you turn the dress inside out!

Simply love this aqua print dotted with confections!

The sisters in their maxi dresses
The deep purples of the kukla birds from the Russian collection of prints are one of my favourites thus far. Wish I had one for myself!

And I must confess that I’m so taken by the fabrics that Tango imports, that I actually own four mummy-sized tops myself, three of which match with the girls’. 😛

To top it all off, we love this label because it’s so affordable – the friendly and prompt service is icing on the cake.

So, to make this feature complete, I decided to interview the lady behind it all – Joann. Here’s the mumpreneur story behind the label!

1. What inspired you to set up Tango Designs? Is the name a play on your family name and a love for tango? 🙂 

What truly inspired me to set up Tango Designs is simply because I have a passion in designing unique and eye catching apparels (especially after having kids!), I just thought I can start with designing children’s apparels! And yes, Tang is our family name and thus Tango Designs was born.

 2. When did you launch your business? How old were your kids then? 

We started Tango Designs in August ’08, so its been like almost 5 years now. Time passes so quickly, my elder boy was only 2 and the little one is only 1 at that time.

 3. What were the two most important things that kept you going in the early years of your business? 

We started T.D when the market for handmade items was really small, so it was quite a refreshing idea from the normal bought in store clothes. But things got tougher as the years went by when competitors start coming out from nowhere and start doing what we do. However, we stayed strong because we never compromise on the quality of our products. I believe that having the determination (even when the odds are against you) and being passionate about what you do makes a big difference when you’re building your own brand name.

 4. How do you juggle caring for your kids and running the business? Do you run Tango Designs mostly alone, or do you have ‘support staff’ on a permanent basis or only ad hoc for roadshows? Do you work with a team of local seamstresses? 

 Having a supportive spouse/family is very crucial when you’re a mumpreneur. Sometimes my partner helps me in little things like housework whenever he can. During these times I can do a quick check of my emails and/or do some research for new products. But of course, the kids are always my first priority, thus I always make sure their needs are fulfilled and most importantly spend some time with them so that they always feel loved. We have a team of very experienced fabric cutters and sewers who works in our production office everyday and for peak periods we will have more part timers to help out so that turnaround time will be greatly reduced. We also have a very close relationship with our sales staff as they’ve been with us since the very start of T.D and so they are always with us during roadshows / fairs.

 5. What are your dreams for Tango Designs? 

Everytime we see kids wearing our apparels and moms carrying our wet bags on the street, it brings me so much pride and satisfaction that every sweat and hard work seems worth it (even our staffs gets excited!). Our dream is for our handmade apparels to be available in every Singapore departmental store and to see even more kids wearing/using our products in the next couple of years.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your kids’ (they have boys’ stuff too!) dressed in some Tango! Hop on over to their FB page if you’d like to receive updates on promotions! 🙂

Note: We received a 50% discount on our most recent order as part of this blog review. 

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  1. August 28, 2013 at 11:36 am

    So nice to see how K has grown with the clothes! Really love the maxi dresses in particular!

  2. August 29, 2013 at 7:54 am

    I’m surprise to say this but I really like the black and white design. They look so classy.

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