Dates with Papa

The hubby has always been a gem at fathering (and husbanding, though regular tiffs do a marriage make, haha). Two different confinement nannies of ours commented that he was one of the most involved fathers they had ever met. Basically, he could do everything I could, apart from breastfeed.

But he completely outdid himself last week, when he spent two days of leave bringing his daughters on separate dates, solo.  Extra points for initiating this himself, without any prodding from me!

On Day 1, he picked Daughter #1 from school, and they took a fun MRT trip to Marche, since K loves the playground there.  The thrilled look on her face was priceless when he asked her to guess where he would be bringing her the next day, and she found out that it was her favourite place.

So happy to be on a date with Papa.

Enjoying sliding from the pole at the playground, and making friends with a little Japanese girl (“She doesn’t speak English you know.”) and playing happily together.

A date would not be complete without dessert!

On Day 2, after we dropped K at school, the best papa in the world brought Daughter #2 to the airport, since it provides space galore for her to run without melting into a sweaty mess.

This was the face after I left them to go to work. But with a lolly and the iPhone she recovered soon enough. 😛  The report was that the playground fanatic had tons of fun at the little play structure at Terminal 3’s basement, which was not crowded at all, given that it was a weekday morning.

Local fare for breakfast… yums.

And her favourite fruit – she walloped two plates of this! We comfort ourselves with the fact that her fruit intake makes up for her non-veggie intake (though she has a strange affinity for cucumber slices in chicken rice packets).

Best part? This might be reprised tomorrow and Friday! (Yes, he does need to clear leave by end March, haha.)
Join me in applauding the most wonderful papa ever.  *thunderous applause*

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