Dahlia Dreams at the Gardens

Dahlias are a family of flowers that have a wide variety of looks. Did you know they are called 大丽花 in Chinese? A very phonetic translation!

The dahlia is also the national flower of Mexico, a country that’s been somewhat unfairly vilified by a certain person for the past year. So I thought it was a nice touch to profile the country, however unintentionally, by filling the Flower Dome with its national flower.

In keeping with the season, the decor was decidedly in mood of the lunar new year.

I love strolling around the Flower Dome. There is just something about being surrounded by so many species of beautiful flowers.

The star like petals below are simply fascinating.

This gorgeous dahlia was larger than my palm!

My mum enjoyed soaking in the atmosphere and taking photos with her grandkids amidst the blooms.

It’s great for her to get some exercise in air-conditioned comfort.

These days, the girls don’t just enjoy posing in front of the camera, they have also developed the inclination to be behind it, especially when we are in the Flower Dome. They take pictures and send it to family and friends from my WhatsApp chats.

Dahlia Dreams is on at the Flower Dome till 19 February, every day from 9am to 9pm, so there’s still time to pop down and immerse yourself in the multi-petal splendour.

Given that the Lunar New Year season is a time of honouring one’s elders, Gardens by the Bay has an ongoing promotion until 12 Feb where local seniors can enter free with every local adult ticket purchased.

There’s also a prosperity pack full of goodies for those with Friends of the Gardens membership. 100 bags are given out every day (near the SkyWalk ticketing booth) from 3-5 Feb, so try to get yours before 5pm. I was there around 6pm and they had run out for the day, boohoo.


Say it with Love

On February 25th and 26th, there will be a series of events at the Meadow area of Gardens by the Bay from 6:30pm. You can even order a picnic bag (comprising wine/finger food, snacks and a picnic mat) and collect it on the day of the picnic.

There will be an assortment of activities to enjoy with friends and family, such as penning your wish on a glow-in-the-dark windmill and planting it on the meadow to create a glowing field. There will be an art jam with artists from Band of Doodlers – you can express your creativity on a wall. There will also be booths run by social enterprises selling handcrafted items to raise funds for their beneficiaries.

There will be an open air movie screening from 9 – 10:30pm as well, after an LED violin performance from 7:30pm – 8:15pm. Sounds like a fun night out!




Note: Thanks Gardens by the Bay for making us Friends of the Gardens!

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