Da Little School Holiday Programme – Be a Toy Maker

There are a myriad of holiday programme offerings these days, but I think Da Little School has one of the best.

Look at this! Doesn’t it already sound super-fun?

K & B were thrilled to attend this holiday class, which I subsequently realised, comprised much more than just art classes. I had assumed they were the latter, since Da Little School is renown for its creative art programmes. (I find the logo itself really cool. A hand on a palette and a word that is almost an optical illusion!)

Da Little School also produces DaBox, which we were happy to review last year.

The girls, dwarfed by the window display.

Centrally located at Ngee Ann City (adjoining to Takashimaya), the premises are cheery, spacious, and inviting.

I also found it most thoughtful that teachers make a special effort to pick your kids up from the drive through lobby area if required. That means that it’s fuss-free for parents to drop their kids off, without having to park, etc!

It was a pleasant surprise that the programme included lunch! I didn’t realise that when we signed up. 😛 The menu changes everyday (children these days are so privileged), and the kids said the food was so yummy that they finished whatever was offered to them every day – hooray!

Cheery reception area and corridors of Da Little School.

Week on Vintage Toys

The June holiday programme theme was “Be a Toy Maker”, and Week 1 was specifically on vintage toys.

Throughout the week, the children were introduced to traditional toys made of wood (Matryoshka Dolls from Russia, the Boomerang from Australia), then modern toys like the Slinky and the Steiff Teddy, and finally Lego and the invention of a Water Talkie (Walkie Talkie that can be used underwater) by a 10 year old named Rich Stachowski Jr.

Apparently the children were really inspired to invent toys after that!


I also appreciated the fact that there were lessons in Mandarin every day too. It was a pleasant surprise when K told me that Matryoshkas are 俄罗斯娃. Cool.

I realised that there were music and movement sessions daily too, and the girls came back singing really cute songs.

Excursion to the Mint Museum of Toys – cute row of figures on the wall

The kids were all excited about going out for an excursion on Day 3, which added a nice mid-week change to the usual routine. No hump-day to get over there!

They donned cute little “excursion tees” (great for ensuring that they don’t get lost, I’d say!), and had a great time learning about Japanese robots, vintage Mickey Mouse, and action hero characters such as Batman, in the five fascinating levels of the Mint Museum of Toys.

I heard that the kids enjoyed themselves so much that they were chatting about it on the bus, all the way back to the school! Would have loved to eavesdrop on those kiddy conversations, which must have been simply precious!

K & B LOVE painting (actually I think they mainly love making a huge HUGE mess), so they were thrilled to work on their Matryoshka craft every day. I thought it was very creative to think of making them from recycled materials – plastic bottles in this case!

They made the strands of hair from clay, and K told me that she spent so much time helping her little sister with the latter’s doll’s hair, that she had no time to complete her own! Ah… the responsible elder sister as usual *pat pat*.

K said, “My doll’s hair is brown cos my hair is a bit brown.” Aww, sweet. Blue-loving B had to make her doll’s hair blue, of course, and I was pleased to note that she was given full rein to do so. Blue hair (extensions, I suppose) are indeed all the rage these days anyway, aren’t they?

All in all, the girls had a super time at Da Little School’s holiday programme. They are all fully booked for the rest of the June holidays (in fact, they were full by the time K & B started their classes in Week 1), for good reason!

Do follow them on FB if you’d like to be kept apprised of upcoming programmes so that you can secure a place in good time.

Da Little School
Address: 391B Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Tower B #13-03
Singapore 238874
Phone: 6235 5993

Disclosure: The girls attended a complimentary week-long half-day holiday programme at Kids Gallery for the purposes of this review.

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