Culture of giving

In the five months that K has been in primary school, we have been glad that she’s been given opportunities to think about those who are less fortunate than her, and that the school assigns them little projects of active giving!

At the start of the school year, we adopted this brilliant idea that I first heard from my friend Angeline at Life’s Tiny Miracles (under point number six of the post linked), who in turn heard about it from her friend Jiahui.  We found this slightly different box in Daiso, which was a good size for many coins.

What we do is place $1.50 worth of coins in each weekday compartment on Sunday evening. K will then take 20 cents out from each day, and place it into the Sunday tithe compartment, which we thought was a good visual way of giving our first-fruits to the Lord.

She usually buys a $1 meal from the canteen, so the remaining 30 cents goes into the Saturdays savings compartment. Here’s a photo of how it looks, together with a cute note on her experience at the canteen one day.


So when she came back from school one day in Term 1 with a note to say that each child had to purchase some small items for needy children in the neighbourhood, she agreed to use her own savings for it!



By then she had enough savings to buy the three toothbrushes she needed to contribute (other kids bought a tube of toothpaste, etc), and the older kids from school packed all the contributions into little bags for distribution. Very meaningful, I thought!



Some time later, we were given a little project to do over the March holidays – make your own little donations savings bank from an ice-cream tub, and decorate it any way you want.


K wasn’t sure how she wanted to decorate it, so she readily agreed to my suggestion of cutting origami paper up and sticking it like confetti on the cover.


Once again, our Saturday savings compartment came into good use, and she readily agreed to empty it into the donation box.



Really glad that the school encourages a culture of giving, and creates various meaningful opportunities to share what we have with the less fortunate, no matter how small a contribution it might be.

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