Crafting at Christmastime

We bought some little wooden Christmas craft trees recently. Since we have the tradition of *not* putting up a full-sized Christmas tree, I decided some little ones might be fun (and a whole lot easier to take down). 
K and B were delighted to paint (yaay! Paint! Paint!) the trees, and as usual got into a big happy mess – paint on hair, paint on nose, paint on arms, paint on tees. Well, at least they were real happy (and no, they were not sniffing the paint).

I bought four since I intended for two to go into the charity shoeboxes I planned to fix up. I decided that the other two could be ‘crayoned’ instead, and little B decided that she simply had to have a blue Christmas tree. All blue. The experts say there is no right or wrong colour, so…

I gave K the use of my precious Stickles glitter tubes, and she decorated the two painted ones happily.   I then used some sticker tape from Daiso to festoon them trees, and I must say that end-result is not bad.

The malls have put their tinsel up, but to lull shoppers into rampant consumerism rather than any true worship of our Saviour.  The slogans are carefully secular, as the lyrics of the once-carols.

We look upon all these are remind ourselves that this is a shadow of what should be.  And that a true spirit of celebration begins in the heart.  My verse for the season:

19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Luke 2:19

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