Communing with nature

In a highly urbanised and densely populated country like Singapore, it is easy to commute from home to work and live a life devoid of the great outdoors.

Add the oft oppressive humidity of our isle, and we find ourselves choosing air-conditioned comfort over communing with nature.

But thanks to the admirable work by NParks  (who literally know every tree by name – or number) we have some lovely parks and green spaces, including the primary rainforests of Bukit Timah and Macritchie.

I don’t often go trekking, but try to walk/jog at 1 to 2 parks a week. Although it is more convenient to pop into a gym, there is something about exercising outdoors.

I used to marvel at how well taken care of the trees are. Regularly fertilised with rich dark compost, forming beautiful zen-like circles at the foot of every tree.


And when flowers fall, yellow petals are strewn across the ebony.

Some mornings, there is a gentle mist shrouding the surface of the water, lending an air of mystery to it all.



At times, I chance upon interesting finds like these, which the girls are fascinated with. Is this really a fruit, mama?


A fruit that disperses its seed through explosive action, and then hardens to a tough brown dry husk.


How marvellous the creation of God. And how easy it is to overlook it in the hustle of daily life.

So I try, to consciously contemplate a leaf or a bud daily, if not the beautiful wide expanse of sky.



Even if I can’t catch a lovely sunrise like the one above every morning, sometimes in a pocket of sky, are clouds of pink like swathes of cotton candy, sometimes clouds of fuzzy white, like wool clipped off shorn sheep.


The whole earth is full of His glory.

~ Isaiah 6:3

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