Cold Storage Kids Run 2014 – we survived!

We had an outdoorsy carnival morning yesterday!

Woke the kids bright dark and early and got them to don their race tees (that I had already tacked their race bibs to, the previous evening). We’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while, so we hustled everyone out of the house by 720am, and hoped that we wouldn’t be late for the race!
The hubs and I are jogging enthusiasts, so we have always envisioned running as a family, right from our pre-kid days!
So with every little kids’ run we do (this is our third) the dream of running long-distance with them comes a bit closer. 🙂 On the way there, I snapped this morning shot of the latest icons of our skyline as our car drove past.

And it reminded me of how I do love my city, warts and all. The warts may be ugly, but they are my warts, so.

Posing for photos as they walked, hand in hand, to the race and carnival area.
Love the warm glow of the morning sun on their faces!


Was particularly proud of K, that though she had to wait with daddy in the warm holding area for quite long, when he race started, she put her best foot forward and ran All The Way! 
It’s her third 800m race in 2 years so I guess she knew what to expect. Her daddy proudly related to me, how they passed many others cos K was running pretty fast. Perhaps that was why they didn’t even see B and I at the halfway mark, waiting to cheer them on! B really wanted to give her sis a high-five but alas we didn’t see one another at all, though I had informed them I was holding a green helium balloon. : S
Enjoying her Greenfields chocolate milk.
We really wanted to run as a family, but K and B were in different age/race categories, so that was not possible. We figured that B would wilt in the holding area, so we decided to wander around the carnival area and enjoy the atmosphere instead of insisting that B run (which would have probably ended in me carrying her for a good part of the 800m, given the long wait at the starting line).

Though it was quite crowded and there were long snaking queues for various freebies, we just chose the shorter queues, and soaked in the lively atmosphere. It’s always good to be outdoors!


As we did last year (see how little they were then!), B and I popped by the Pledge-a-shoe booth (photo below!), to make a donation for “two pairs of shoes” in support of the meaningful cause in aid of underprivileged children in rural Cambodia. Some children as young as 2 years old are exposed to foot injuries because their shoes are worn out, and their parents cannot afford new ones. Others walk on rough terrain for long distances from their home to their schools without appropriate footwear.

I thought this was indeed a great opportunity to sensitise our kids to other children living just next door, so to speak, who can’t even have basic needs, such as footwear, met. I’m not sure how much of it sunk in for K & B, but hopefully these are seeds that are consistently planted into their consciousness, whenever such an opportunity arises.

When we met K at the finish line, she generously draped her second medal (they gave each kid two – presumably one was for Papa!) onto B, who was thrilled to take a photo with it.

Since we had to get to church by 11am, we soon headed in search of our car, which was parked pretty far away. B had her chance to do a long sprint on an empty path, and thankfully we made it into the car before it started pouring in earnest.

It was a pity that the last waves of the age 2-4 run and the special needs kids’ run had to be cancelled due to rain, but I guess it couldn’t be helped.Outdoor runs are always at the mercy of the elements and it is very important to prioritise safety.

All in all, we had a very festive morning and K had a good experience running alongside other kids!

There was also a fancy goody bag (or rather, backpack) filled with treats – not least complimentary entry tickets to Legoland Malaysia!


Note: We received free registration for the run as part of this blog review.

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