Coast and Company cafe

This new cafe on the row (of shophouses) has been touted as one of the most photogenic cafes in Singapore.

I totally understood that, once I visited.

It was so refreshing to come across a masculine cafe, if you get what I mean. In its design, layout, colour theme and clean lines. There are so many vintage, hipster, quirky cafes these days, which are pretty and interesting, but every square foot of this one just exudes an effortless ‘cool’.

Is it a cafe? Is it a bike shop? Is it open?
Yes, yes and yes!

Peering in because we arrived 5 mins before opening time, and… they welcomed us in! Definitely earned points for friendliness.

Workshop to the back of the cafe, pictured on the left.

We settled in, made our order, and then wandered about the space whilst waiting for our food and drink.

Coast and Company just opened on 17 May, with coffee by the folks of Papa Palheta, food designed by Wild Rocket’s Willin Low, and a bike shop by homegrown company Coast Cycles. Interesting bedfellows, I must say.

The hot cocoa was like liquid valrhona, and the food?
We ate every single morsel up.

The comestibles were excellent. I also ordered the girls a hot cocoa, which came with pretty latte art. They were So Pleased when I said they could drink it! Too used to being denied caffeinated cups, poor girls.

Looks like a waiting area to chill out in, whilst your bike sees the doctor,
but the place gets full pretty fast, so when I was there, folks were eating at this nook too.

What I really liked about this place, is the vibe I get. Another place I visited recently, had a palpable pretentiousness to it, and ‘full of poser-types’, as some would say.

Coast and Company? It felt different. Like the sign frosted (? decal-ed?) on one of the lovely large glass windows says “Good coffee for an even better neighbourhood” (captured in my second photo collage above too).

We get the feeling that this place is about neighbourliness, about folks in the area popping by for their morning cuppa, and it’s just a big plus that the place is easy on the eyes and serves great chow.

Perhaps I’m biased because this neighbourhood holds special memories for me too. After all, I did get married in the church that’s 5 mins walk away, and hung around the area at least once a week, for years.

Even the restroom is uber cool

I did think the restroom was a pleasant surprise. An old school tin (?) basin, and a section of the spiral flight of stairs, retained as it morphed into the wall. Somewhat CS Lewis, somewhat The Matrix?

The nerd part of me likes the logo – Venn diagram!
Which relates nicely to the partnerships the joint represents…
and upon further thought, also hints of coffee cup stains and bicycle wheels?

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, especially if you’re an avid cyclist. There were so many folks all decked out in full cyclist gear, who stopped by with their bikes, for a well-earned breakfast.

Goodness, even the bicycle rack area is picturesque!

Address: 54 Siglap Dr 456176
Tel: 6448 7608
FB page here.

Note: This is not a sponsored review. I enjoy snapping photos of everything, hastily though, because it tends to annoy my family. 😛

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  2 comments for “Coast and Company cafe

  1. May 28, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Really does look like a cool place. Love the windows!
    Man… I miss all these cool cafes back home.

  2. May 31, 2014 at 6:45 am

    What a cool concept! And the place looks totally chill. Must visit when I’m in that area!

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