Chilling out at Telok Kurau Park

It was to be an idyllic new year’s day (wish we could be so chill for CNY… dreading-it-argh). As we tossed around options on where to bring the kids (cabin fever must be staved away!) before chill-out lunch with our old pals at a uber cool new Tanjong Katong Road shophouse eatery, it was down to (i) the old railway tracks or (ii) Telok Kurau Park.

I had always wanted to bring K&B to the latter since I pass by often, and the kids always seem to be having so much fun in that wide open space, with its shady old trees. The hubs figured that he didn’t know where to park to access the tracks, so that option was eliminated and off to the park we went (bonus points since it was relatively near our lunch venue).

Very suburban, and somewhat bourgeois (I mean the park, of course).

We were there bright and early (my kids are very much the bright and early sort) so it wasn’t very crowded and was very cool (weather, I mean).  We even brought K’s birthday scooter.  B was so enthu she ran off towards the “pwaygown” first and can be spotted in the distance, tiny speck she is here.

First, they explored this strange new climbing structure.  What is this for, Mummy? K asked.  You climb it, I said.  And so she did.

The littler one tried but wasn’t quite so successful, so she mainly ran in and out of it like it was some hole-y house.

Very simple structures – a set of four swings (two baby harness ones, two big girl ones) which K rocked but which B wasn’t too keen on.  And here they are bobbing around the urm, bobbing-things.

K tried to tackle this, and the sweet little Brit girl went “Wow, she’s brave”.

B tried the smaller one and was surprisingly mildly successful, thanks to her tenacity.

All in all we had a great time at this large playground.  By the time we left it was chock full with folks, mostly from the neighbourhood (some were obviously familiars) and a surprisingly cosmopolitan mix. I think there were some 5-6 nationalities and races represented there, and it was fun to hear smatterings of foreign tongues.

I can seeeeee u

It was a great way for the girls to expend all that energy, strengthen their growing muscles, and challenge themselves with new obstacles. I’m such a playground fangirl!

There were a few trees suitable for tree-climbing too, but K gave me the HUH-WHAT-YOU-MAD expression when I enthused “Let’s climb a tree!”. B had no chance to protest as I plonked her in the fork of a low branch, but she refused to cling on, so that came to a swift stop.  Ah well, there will be other chances. I will acclimatise them to this treat, soon.

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  1. January 4, 2013 at 5:18 am

    hahahaha my hubbs is the tree climbing enthusiast in the family while I worry about spinters (unbelievable huh). hahahaha

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