Cheesy Chapel Burger at Changi Prison Museum

We were wondering where to go for brunch on National Day morning. Keen to avoid crowds, we thought of our usual LOTS gourmet, but it was closed. So we drove slightly further down the road to Bark Cafe, which we had heard of but not tried yet.
It is sited adjacent to the Changi Prison Chapel Museum. I’ve visited the chapel once, long long time ago, but it was my first time at the museum, which was simple and solemn. Felt a bit bad that K & B were making a fair bit of noise, so we left after 10 minutes.

Bark Cafe is al fresco, but there were a good number of local families with young children, tourists and expat families dining there.

I decided to order the Cheesy Chapel Burger, which was not bad.

We also ordered their famous jumbo chicken wings, which were yummy but 2 out of 3 were not cooked enough for our liking (very red and the hubs could taste blood near the bone).
Service was good enough, since they took it back to the kitchen with no fuss, and the polite waitress came back to tell us they’d be frying us two fresh ones.

Overall, not a bad way to spend a public holiday morning.  A tad sobering, but a fitting way to remember those who were interred and who might have given their lives in the course of fighting for our little nation’s freedom.

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