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Tampines Regional Library – and 9 great books to inspire children with

I know I’m really late to the party but I just stepped into the new Tampines Regional Library located at Our Tampines Hub recently. Cross the road from the NTUC Income building, and one flight of escalators brings you right to the entrance of the beautiful library. It was nice to see that an old playground featured prominently at the… Read more →

The Bible Project – Illustrated summaries of biblical books

I blogged about The Bible Project back in 2015, as we were very impressed by the animated videos of visual storytelling they produced, that presented a very theologically sound encapsulation of the most important points of each book of the bible. One of the most important aspects of understanding the Bible, is understanding that it is made of up many… Read more →

#BuySingLit, support local authors! {with Giveaway}

#BuySingLit is a movement to celebrate stories from Singapore. Literature written by Singaporean authors is not necessarily always about Singapore or set in Singapore, the same way how books by ethnic Indian residents are often premised in any land imaginable. I have a special place in my heart for SingLit because the best SingLit authors always manage to write in a way… Read more →

Join the Owl Readers Club, hoot hoot! (with Giveaway!)

I love books and wish I could sit all day in a cozy chair being lost in one good story after another. In our busy lives, there is simply too little time for us to waste on lousy books. Some books are poorly written, and others have eerie illustrations that will haunt us more than pique their imagination (c.f. undead ghost children)… Indeed,… Read more →

The Adventures of Squirky #6 – When does the search end? (with Giveaway!)

Finally! The last installment of cult series “The Adventures of Squirky the Alien” arrived in our mailbox. How will the story end?? The girls were familiar with this endearing blue alien by now, and cosied up to read it together. Without giving away too much, I must say the ending was not what I expected! Go get a copy to… Read more →

Sherlock Hong Adventures by Don Bosco (Review and Giveaway)

If the name Don Bosco sounds familiar, it could be because you’ve come across his other Super Cool Books such as Lion City Adventures, and Diary of Young Justice Bao. He started Super Cool Books in 2011, after his two sons challenged him to write a fantasy series for children, set in Singapore and Malaysia. My guess is that his books… Read more →

The Lipstick Gospel – Stephanie May Wilson

I came across The Lipstick Gospel some months ago, and thought it was a refreshing, honest account of how a sorority girl encountered the power of grace and the gospel, in the midst of aimlessly partying through university. It’s not a heavyweight read like the tomes by the Puritans, but it’s written well, and thus easy, meaningful as well as interesting to… Read more →