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Mothers Make It Work: through challenges then and now

Motherhood – where do we start? It’s such a splendid yet nerve-wrecking journey. Mothers make things work out for our family despite it all — despite the different challenges that life throws us all, despite naysayers, despite our own self-doubt and oft-disproportionate guilt, and despite the constantly changing circumstances just when we think we’ve gotten a grasp on this season… Read more →

Beyond the Tiger Mom by Maya Thiagarajan

I enjoyed reading this book a lot more than I thought I would! Maya Thiagarajan writes about both the overt and subtle differences between Asian and Western parenting today, and offers her rich perspectives on how best to educate and nurture our children for the coming age. What hit me first was her well-researched journey into the inner psyche of a… Read more →

The discipline of reflection

The hubs wrote answers to these reflection questions recently and sent them to me. I did the exercise too, and found it really beneficial, since they are also a spiritual checklist of sorts. Sharing the questions (and some excerpts of my thoughts) here. Take a morning off to ponder these things, or seek out a quiet spot over lunch (or your… Read more →

Facing adversity

In this life, there will always be stress, sorrow, trials and adversity. What I’ve learnt recently, is no matter how happy someone looks on social media (which is really their highlight reel), everyone has problems, big or small. In John 16:33, Jesus says “In this world you will have trouble”.  Some translations have it as “Here on earth you will… Read more →

Considering it joy

Are you going through a tough period? I guess all of us have our own struggles, however ‘easy’ life may look like on the outside. In this day and age, everyone wants to have a ‘good life’. We look enviously upon those seem to have it easy, and often try our best to avoid suffering, which is natural and totally a part… Read more →