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National Gallery Children’s Biennale 2017

We popped down to the Children’s Biennale (pronounced ‘bee-nah-lay’) on a weekday recently. It was really impressive! Firstly, I’d recommend getting the activity pack – for $5 you get a rainbow pencil (the kind that already costs $5 or something insane like that at Smiggle), a very cool kid-sized tag and lanyard, activity sheets for the various exhibitions, and a sticker… Read more →

Singapore Art Museum Children’s Season 2015: Imaginarium

It has become somewhat of a tradition for the girls to visit the SAM during their annual Children’s Season.  Last year, the SAM didn’t have one, so the last time we went was actually in 2013.  I realised, upon checking my blogging archives, that we have been visiting since 2010 when it first launched! The first room we visited on… Read more →

Our Art Museum Children’s Season 2012 experience

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning and we were in high spirits since we’ve been looking forward to this for the past week.  I had initially decided that we could give this year’s exhibition a miss, since we’d been for 2 consecutive years, and I heard that the solar flowers and the “dress up velcro” sections were repeated. But… Read more →