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National Gallery Children’s Biennale 2017

We popped down to the Children’s Biennale (pronounced ‘bee-nah-lay’) on a weekday recently. It was really impressive! Firstly, I’d recommend getting the activity pack – for $5 you get a rainbow pencil (the kind that already costs $5 or something insane like that at Smiggle), a very cool kid-sized tag and lanyard, activity sheets for the various exhibitions, and a sticker… Read more →

Scenic Railay Beach, Krabi

We had a fantastic time at Railay Beach during our trip to Krabi last week, and the weather was really balmy and pleasant. So we were shocked to hear that the weather has drastically changed, and thunderstorms resulted in severe floods this week in southern Thailand, that has led to loss of life. Our hearts go out to the Thai people. Tourism… Read more →

Merry Medley at the Christmas Wonderland in Gardens by the Bay

Merry Medley When you first enter Merry Medley at the Flower Dome, this glorious sight greets you from the balcony. I brought my mum there, and she was charmed by the decor and beautiful blooms. ‘Snow’ and shiny baubles on the conifers make for lovely backdrops to that must-have family photo…… I was fascinated by this variety of cute curly poinsettias… Read more →

Reflections at MacRitchie

There are so many things in life that we take for granted. Lately, I have found it easy to get bogged down, to wallow in the things that are not going right, and dwell on things of despair. But I was reminded that the ability to walk, to feed ourselves, to be in a relative measure of good health… these… Read more →

Kidzania Singapore (Part 1) – strategy, strategy, strategy

School’s almost done! So on an ‘admin day’ (read: random weekday school holiday), we headed down to Kidzania, hoping to avoid the crazy crowds that are de rigour during weekends, public holidays and school holidays (what does that leave us with, seriously?). What was the crowd situation like? Read on for more details and ‘analysis’ throughout the post. My take… Read more →