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Mothers Make It Work: through challenges then and now

Motherhood – where do we start? It’s such a splendid yet nerve-wrecking journey. Mothers make things work out for our family despite it all — despite the different challenges that life throws us all, despite naysayers, despite our own self-doubt and oft-disproportionate guilt, and despite the constantly changing circumstances just when we think we’ve gotten a grasp on this season… Read more →

Enjoying the Pamper Her Bundle from A Better Florist

A Better Florist sent over this awesome bundle recently and it really made my day. So much beauty in one delivery! Aptly called the ‘Pamper Her Bundle‘, apart from a gorgeous bunch of blooms, it comes with a box of macarons in the colours of the rainbow, PLUS two quality scented candles in my favourite scents of Lavendar and Lemongrass.… Read more →

Throwback Thursday – baby photos!

The kids looked quite alike as babies. So I thought I’d do up this fun ‘who’s who’ post. Those who see them regularly have no trouble differentiating them in the photos though! So I guess this will mainly be a ‘in-the-same-outfit (or pose)’ album. The girls themselves had a great time chuckling over these photos. Thought I’d post their pretty… Read more →

100 year old parenting tips (by J.C. Ryle)

Recently, the hubs passed me this book, and insisted strongly recommended that I read it. Since it’s quite a thin paperback, I agreed to give it a go. And realised that although it was written in 1888, it sounded like it could have been written this year! Guess that’s the mark of timeless truth, applicable today as it were more than… Read more →

Keep Calm and Mother On – book review

My sweet friend J bought a bunch of these books, and gave them out to her mummy friends, including me! Was so pleased, and dived into it as soon as I could. I thought editor Pauline Loh did a commendable job in seeking out mums with great stories. Instead of being merely broadly representative of the spectrum of mums in… Read more →

Dear Mummy

So Mother’s Day is coming up, and what does my eldest child have to say to me? Six and a half year old K actually loves writing notes to her papa and mama. So more often than not, when we arrive home from work, there is a little mystery envelope with letters and/or little drawings inside for us. Here are… Read more →

Day in the life

Since I work and my kids go to school on weekdays, I thought it’d be more interesting to share about how a typical Sunday goes for us! My kids are early risers (as many kids are, I’ve come to realise), so even if it is the weekend and they can sleep in, they show no appreciation for that, and are… Read more →