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Kikki.K planner

This totally made my week. I received a nice ang pow from my colleagues for my birthday, so when I started thinking about what I wanted to get with it, it occured to me that a filofax-like planner would be nice. Except that filofax is exorbitant, around $150 for a start, and I’m guessing their inserts cost a small ransom… Read more →

I am becoming a gym rat

I have become somewhat of a gym rat this year. I have also come to realise that the key determinant to going regularly to the gym is the usual ‘location, location, location’. I was swayed into signing up for the gym near my office because they offered this really good corporate rate. The last time I went regularly to gym was probably… Read more →

3000 piece jigsaw puzzle

So… we got ambitious. After a series of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in quick succession, we purchased a 2000 piece and a 3000 piece one. And since the 3000 piece one depicted a lovely wintry scene, we decided to embark on it in December. First task – sorting…… We tend to under-estimate this step, since the more detailed your initial… Read more →

Our jigsaw puzzle hobby

The hubs and I love jigsaw puzzles but haven’t worked on any together since our kids were born. One day, we opened an old box containing an MC Escher puzzle that I had completed the day before K was born (back in 2008!), and realised that though we had carefully sectioned it up into 4 large pieces for storage, it had gotten… Read more →

My new toy

So one of my little girls broke my previous camera’s battery compartment ‘door’ some time ago. Initially I thought, hey no problem, I’ll just use it with no ‘door’, but lo and behold, these clever cameras these days refuse to operate without having the ‘door’ properly shut. So I unimaginatively taped it shut with some clear sticky tape, and it worked… Read more →

7 Letters

I watched 7 Letters last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. A compilation of 7 short movies, each directed by a Singaporean filmmaker, the films revolve around the theme of what “Home” means to each director. I was also extremely heartened that it was so well received by Singaporeans that it was first extended from Gala Screenings at the Capitol Theatre, to… Read more →

Joli Pretty – modern cheongsams with a twist (Giveaway!)

Sometime last year, I noticed the emergence of local blog shops selling modern cheongsams, (read: cheongsams that are kind to the modern lady), usually pairing the traditional cut of a cheongsam top with a flared skirt. Together with modern fabric prints, it means that these dresses are both comfortable to wear, usually forgiving to post-partum mummy-tummies, and have a distinct… Read more →