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Yellow Ribbon Run 2017

I thought that the @yellowribbonsg run was a meaningful one to sign up for, not least cos I have a few prison officer friends, 2 pastors who were former inmates, and many friends who help out in the Prisons Fellowship Singapore and provide counselling services to inmates and their families. We have also been participating in the Angel Tree hamper project, supported… Read more →

Kikki.K planner

This totally made my week. I received a nice ang pow from my colleagues for my birthday, so when I started thinking about what I wanted to get with it, it occured to me that a filofax-like planner would be nice. Except that filofax is exorbitant, around $150 for a start, and I’m guessing their inserts cost a small ransom… Read more →

I am becoming a gym rat

I have become somewhat of a gym rat this year. I have also come to realise that the key determinant to going regularly to the gym is the usual ‘location, location, location’. I was swayed into signing up for the gym near my office because they offered this really good corporate rate. The last time I went regularly to gym was probably… Read more →

3000 piece jigsaw puzzle

So… we got ambitious. After a series of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in quick succession, we purchased a 2000 piece and a 3000 piece one. And since the 3000 piece one depicted a lovely wintry scene, we decided to embark on it in December. First task – sorting…… We tend to under-estimate this step, since the more detailed your initial… Read more →

Our jigsaw puzzle hobby

The hubs and I love jigsaw puzzles but haven’t worked on any together since our kids were born. One day, we opened an old box containing an MC Escher puzzle that I had completed the day before K was born (back in 2008!), and realised that though we had carefully sectioned it up into 4 large pieces for storage, it had gotten… Read more →

My new toy

So one of my little girls broke my previous camera’s battery compartment ‘door’ some time ago. Initially I thought, hey no problem, I’ll just use it with no ‘door’, but lo and behold, these clever cameras these days refuse to operate without having the ‘door’ properly shut. So I unimaginatively taped it shut with some clear sticky tape, and it worked… Read more →

7 Letters

I watched 7 Letters last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. A compilation of 7 short movies, each directed by a Singaporean filmmaker, the films revolve around the theme of what “Home” means to each director. I was also extremely heartened that it was so well received by Singaporeans that it was first extended from Gala Screenings at the Capitol Theatre, to… Read more →