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Entopia – a true utopia for entomologists

Reminiscent of the Eden Project in the United Kingdom, Entopia looks like two large domes from the outside. Within Entopia two worlds exist – Natureland, which comprises living outdoor gardens, and the Cocoon, which is a fully air-conditioned indoor discovery centre. Although it is tagged as Penang’s Butterfly Farm, it has been developed into so much more than that!  Home… Read more →

Junior Explorer – Sharks in the Mexican Gulf Coast

It has been six months since we received our first Junior Explorer kit! And every month, the girls are delighted when a new package arrives with the Mission for the month. This month, it was Mission Gulf Coast, which was all about Sharks, and other creatures that inhabit the Gulf (of Mexico’s) Coast. The Shark Chart has already earned its… Read more →

Omni-Theatre magic

I have fond memories of visiting the Singapore Science Centre’s Omni-Theatre during my school days, and recall being wowed by the large domed screen as I leaned back to contemplate the vast incomprehensibility of the universe. We were recently invited to a preview before the newly revamped Omni-Theatre opens to the public from 30 May 2015. It was awesome. Yes,… Read more →

JJ’s Science Adventure: Heat and Light – Review and Giveaway!

I was really pleased to discover that there was a local author who has written science concepts into a comic! Not just a smattering of random concepts but those specifically within the MOE syllabus. It made me think that this is one comic that parents will be happy to buy for their kids! But there’s a more purposeful intent behind… Read more →

BBOS – fancy some quick sand?

This time, our BBOS science experiment was to make quicksand! First pour some ‘quicksand powder’ into the tray. Then drop some water in till you get a thick consistency.  Then submerge your favourite objects and watch them struggle. The really interesting part was when I dropped some onto the floor after leaving it to stand for a while. It blobbed… Read more →

BBOS – wacky worm wonders

This was a particularly fun BBOS experiment. Dissolve some calcium chloride in warm water, then squirt worm goo into the mixture.  Watch worms form! Depending on how you squirt the goo, you can get spherical ‘eggs’, necklace like worms, or intestine like blobs.  The girls had great fun. 2 year old B now asks for ‘experiments!’ all the time though… Read more →