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Music music everywhere

All these instruments (and more, not pictured!) are in one home. A very musically talented family. The best part is, they use their gifts regularly in service. The mum of the family was trained at Berklee school of music too. They were most generous in letting the girls mess around with these amazing instruments (we just needed to make sure… Read more →

A Mother’s Prayer – Kristyn Getty

One of my family’s favourite song artistes are the Gettys.  Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend wrote the hubby’s favourite song “In Christ Alone (My Hope is Found)” in 2001. We love their albums, and acquired Tapestry (2002), Songs that Jesus said – for children (2005), Awaken the Dawn (2009), Joy – An Irish Christmas (2011) and Hymns for the Christian Life (2012).… Read more →

Our own homemade guitar

The one tangible thing we gained from our Yamaha classes was how to make a guitar, when the teacher mentioned how to, in passing. It sounded easy enough, so once I collected the requisite empty tissue box and kitchen paper towel core, I set about making one. I could have painted the boxes but the fastest, least messy way, seemed to be… Read more →