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Kaboodle at Katong Square!

The kids were sooooooooo excited to visit Kaboodle at its new premises! They just opened in end-April 2017 at Katong Square with much more space and interesting new activities (more on that later). Can’t believe that it’s been almost two years, since we first discovered Kaboodle and reviewed it. The girls have been back there with friends and family a… Read more →

Beyond the Tiger Mom by Maya Thiagarajan

I enjoyed reading this book a lot more than I thought I would! Maya Thiagarajan writes about both the overt and subtle differences between Asian and Western parenting today, and offers her rich perspectives on how best to educate and nurture our children for the coming age. What hit me first was her well-researched journey into the inner psyche of a… Read more →

Junior Explorer – Sharks in the Mexican Gulf Coast

It has been six months since we received our first Junior Explorer kit! And every month, the girls are delighted when a new package arrives with the Mission for the month. This month, it was Mission Gulf Coast, which was all about Sharks, and other creatures that inhabit the Gulf (of Mexico’s) Coast. The Shark Chart has already earned its… Read more →

The Singapore “Education Condition”

I recently read an article written by a friend on “Modern Education: The One Best/Worst System“, and it provoked so many thoughts. It’s well worth reading it in its entirety (I read it very slowly). Thought I’d share some excerpts, which are such an apt rendering of the “education condition” (vs the “human condition”) we face today, and I’ve added some reflections too.… Read more →

不要被世界改变 – A postcard by Little Notes Jetty

那天,我在草根书室时,看到了这个明信片。读了,感触很多。 小时候,总想改变世界; 长大后,才发现要很努力, 才不会被世界改变。 不就真的是如此吗? 很欣赏画家的画与词。在我的潜意识,龙头和鹈鹕游乐场象征我快乐,无忧无虑的童年。它们逐渐的消失,让一代新加坡人惋惜。它们的消失,也是因为世界在改变,马不停蹄地改变。 与其试着去挽回,不如多注意内心。世界变就变吧,重要的是,我不易被它的波浪不由自主地掀走。世界由经济,政治推动。世界往往是黑暗的,自私自利的。不要被这样的世界改变,就要很努力,很刻意地活着。 也许是我的信仰吧,圣经说我们 “不屬世界”。所以我要继续努力。波浪更汹涌,就要站得越稳。   Read more →