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Yellow Ribbon Run 2017

I thought that the @yellowribbonsg run was a meaningful one to sign up for, not least cos I have a few prison officer friends, 2 pastors who were former inmates, and many friends who help out in the Prisons Fellowship Singapore and provide counselling services to inmates and their families. We have also been participating in the Angel Tree hamper project, supported… Read more →

BB Share A Gift 2015 and the Angel Tree Project

BB Share A Gift It’s the time of year again to actively partner with the Boys Brigade in contributing food to the needy. After volunteering as poster girls last year, we definitely wanted to continue this annual tradition of giving. The girls were really enthusiastic, and K helped to choose four of every type of Ayam Brand Tuna (and 10… Read more →

Culture of giving

In the five months that K has been in primary school, we have been glad that she’s been given opportunities to think about those who are less fortunate than her, and that the school assigns them little projects of active giving! At the start of the school year, we adopted this brilliant idea that I first heard from my friend… Read more →

BBSG 2014 – a trolley of food

After being wowed at the grand launch and taking wefies with VIPs, the girls went for our first BBSG 2014 groceries run last weekend! Happy to sweep some halal canned food off the shelves.  The girls were really excited to be doing this, and 3.5 year old B was especially enthu in picking cans off the shelf (“Let me put it in, let meeeee…”). Possibly… Read more →

Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift – 2014 launch

We have been participating in the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift (BBSG) exercise that rolls around every Christmas for 3 years now.  So when we received an email asking if we’d be keen for the girls to volunteer and appear in their publicity posters this year, we were thrilled! I think the PR agency that was volunteering to coordinate publicity for BBSG contacted… Read more →

‘Looming mad

Since as early as last Dec, I’ve been watching friends loom and post their cute creations online. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to embark on this hobby, since I already have tons of materials from scrapbooking and didn’t want to start another hoard pile. But when a friend alerted me on a discount on the original set and bands,… Read more →