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An eighth birthday

Children’s day this year fortuitously fell on K’s birthday, which meant that she had a school holiday on her birthday! So I was able to plan a fun day out for her and a few friends whom she wanted to invite. We arrived at Artify bright and early. It’s one of my favourite art spaces. Its clean white walls are… Read more →

Their drawings

Recently 4 year old B started drawing a bit more discernably, and I was surprised to see her produce this! I find it so cute, haha. (Wonder who graded it with an A*? ) I think someone mentioned, hey where are our noses? And she belatedly added noses in with another marker. 7 year old K really enjoys drawing, and I… Read more →

Jumping into age 7

Just like that, dear K, you and your little buddies turn 7 this month. And us mummies have been mummies for 7 years, and friends for almost as long. I guess this gathering was as much for us, as it was to celebrate your birthdays. So many thoughts, so many feels. Our firstborns, born within 9 days of one another. It’s… Read more →

Mini Outfitters (with Giveaway!)

I was introduced to Mini Outfitters recently, an online outfit (pun intended) that carefully curates designer wear for kids and teens. It’s the first of its kind in Asia! Surfing through their website was an education in high fashion itself. I discovered brands such as Pale Cloud and Hucklebones, understated styles that are a picture of elegance, quality and comfort. Which is… Read more →

Drawings by K

One friend recently started a category of posts on her daughter’s art, and another friend wrote a very comprehensive post on her daughter’s sketches, so I was inspired to put up K’s sketches on the blog for posterity too. The topics of her sketches range from princesses…… ……to ballet class…… ……to school (I was amazed at how she could draw… Read more →