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Institutionalising “daddy months”

I thought this was a well-written article by former justice law clerk (in the US Supreme Court) Ryan Park, on being a stay-at-home-dad.  Intentionally or otherwise, it also functions well as a subtle advocacy piece for increased “daddy months”, if not full-fledged stay-at-home-dad-hood, as a more widely practiced option. It reminded me of thoughts about how women should Lean In, so that other women… Read more →

National Day Parade 2014 – whee!

I am a Great Fan of Singapore’s national day parades. Few events rival this, as an event for families to bond. To inculcate pride in our country, to celebrate all the crazy things it means to be a Singaporean, to have the best vantage point to appreciate the fireworks raining down on this special day. I couldn’t wait to bring… Read more →

Proud Papa Moments

The hubs guest-blogs today! On a subject close to his heart. He says… One of my aims has always been to endow K with key non-academic skills before she goes to Primary One (which is when the academic nightmare starts). It was important for us, since we want her to develop herself outside of academia, and to teach her self-confidence.… Read more →

Thoughts from viewing “Secret Millionaire”

[Guest post by the hubs! 🙂 ] One of our favourite TV shows is “Secret Millionaire”. The show is about millionaires giving up their luxurious lifestyle for a week to live amongst the down trodden in society. Often, during the course of interacting with these people, the millionaire has to confront previous prejudices and fear. There is a cathartic process… Read more →