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Aureus Academy – steady progress and upcoming Winter Camp!

It has been almost three months, so how have B’s lessons been progressing? Well, for a start, she looks forward to walking through these doors to Teacher Ann’s class every week! Apart from the My First Piano book, B has learning about 5 tunes from these simple scores. With bright colours and large letters, she’s able to learn quickly and… Read more →

Grandpa’s gift

So this little tyke turned six recently. Our very own little Bat-girl. Our per our family tradition, we don’t throw large parties for the girls’ birthdays. But I realised she had 3 small ‘parties’ this year! One with our immediate family (including grandparents on both sides), one at her Sunday School class, and one at her school (photo above). A… Read more →

Mini Outfitters (with Giveaway!)

I was introduced to Mini Outfitters recently, an online outfit (pun intended) that carefully curates designer wear for kids and teens. It’s the first of its kind in Asia! Surfing through their website was an education in high fashion itself. I discovered brands such as Pale Cloud and Hucklebones, understated styles that are a picture of elegance, quality and comfort. Which is… Read more →

KidStartNow – Christmas Holiday Camp 2014

We received a review invitation for B to attend KidStartNow’s December holiday camp, and a cute Christmas-themed card was even sent to our postbox, seeking her help as “snatcher wolf” had stolen some presents! What a fun way to pique their interest in the upcoming camp. On the first day of camp, we were wow-ed by how the entire centre had been redecorated… Read more →

Kin Yan Agrotech – Neo Tiew Road farm

I think I was more excited than three-year old B about her school excursion to a farm. The “farm” in question was Kin Yan Agrotech, which I have not heard of, but which turned out to offer a very enjoyable morning! I half-wished it was Oh’s Farm that we were visiting, since I wouldn’t mind reprising the butterfly fun we… Read more →

For the love of paint

The girls are always asking to paint, paint, paint. This was a weekday night, and I took out the brushes and stuff. Suddenly inspired, I doodled pictures for them to paint, copying from a colouring book they had. Figured it might be more interesting than yet another rainbow. Or tree and house scene. Surprised myself! Haha. The elder girl requested… Read more →