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Susan’s story

Susan was born as the fifth child with 3 elder brothers and 1 elder sister. Her mother subsequently remarried, and had another daughter, Susan’s youngest half-sister. This sister would have many children (4 or 5) but a husband who died young (aged 30), and Susan would then send money to help with her children’s education. Though born in a village… Read more →

Grateful for the village

I started reflecting lately, about how grateful I am to the village that helps me raise my children. This deep gratitude was sparked off especially when my sis-in-law, doting aunt to the girls, suggested that the girls have a sleepover at their grandparent’s home (also her home) without us parents. She even volunteered to bunk with them through the night!… Read more →

Cloud Productions Family Photography

We hadn’t had a family photoshoot in more than 2 years.  So when Cloud Productions invited us to review their outdoor photography service, we gladly said yes. Chief Photographer Irene was particularly gracious in agreeing to have the kids’ parental extended family come along too. It was truly a big happy family shoot. Life is often not scripted according to our plans… Read more →

Thank you, Aunty Susan!

Dear Aunty Susan, Happy birthday! Thank you for working for us, and becoming part of our family.It wasn’t easy for us to take the plunge towards hiring a helper, but when the helper was you, we were more than happy to go for it! Nothing quite beats that fact that we know you so well, and you, us. We really… Read more →

best help in the world

This post is a tribute to Aunty Susan, who has made life so much cleaner, more bearable  nicer since she came to live with us. I’ve always held that a family should stand on its own feet, and that Singaporeans have long been too dependent on domestic help. I used to forebode about how one day, if all the domestic… Read more →