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SuperHero Me 2017 – Plant it Forward: Crafting wheatgrass pots!

Remember I mentioned these super cool inclusive arts workshops recently? We attended one last weekend! I was blown away from the moment I stepped into the Objectifs Centre gallery (which is itself a very interesting heritage building that used to be the Middle Road Church, built circa 1870). It has been repainted to a very cheery yellow. The good folks… Read more →

SuperHero Me – inclusive arts at its best (16 Sep – 7 Oct 2017)

So since I’ve just about had enough negativity this week to last me for the rest of the year, here’s a shoutout on something inspiring. I first encountered SuperHero Me in June 2015, when they held a really interesting Festival at the National Library’s open space. B looked so little in the photos from that post! What is SuperHero Me? Well,… Read more →

Dottieshop Brush Calligraphy Kits

This beautiful nifty little kit from Dottieshop arrived at my home. I have known Dotz since our teenage years, and I really admire her gentle spirit, compassionate heart, and true gift for creating gorgeous works of art. In the past year or two, she ventured into watercolour painting and brush calligraphy, and her works have been really inspiring!   So… Read more →

Dreaming up a Whimsical Island at Artify Studio

K was super excited to attend Artify’s June Holiday Class entitled “Whimsical Island“, after we had such a fun time there at the Father’s Day special class (more on that later). We had received an invitation to review their holiday camp in March but had to miss it since we were travelling, so K was so pleased to be able to… Read more →

Their drawings

Recently 4 year old B started drawing a bit more discernably, and I was surprised to see her produce this! I find it so cute, haha. (Wonder who graded it with an A*? ) I think someone mentioned, hey where are our noses? And she belatedly added noses in with another marker. 7 year old K really enjoys drawing, and I… Read more →

PinkLabel high quality wet bags (with Giveaway!)

I liked the PinkLabel ang pow organisers so much that I ordered more recently. So when the lady owner asked if I’d like to review the wet bags (waterproof pouches) she makes, I was happy to accede. Always ready to support beautiful local handmades, and all the more so those by work-from-home mums. 🙂  These are the two I finally chose, aren’t they gorgeous? Check… Read more →

Drawings by K

One friend recently started a category of posts on her daughter’s art, and another friend wrote a very comprehensive post on her daughter’s sketches, so I was inspired to put up K’s sketches on the blog for posterity too. The topics of her sketches range from princesses…… ……to ballet class…… ……to school (I was amazed at how she could draw… Read more →