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Tampines Regional Library – and 9 great books to inspire children with

I know I’m really late to the party but I just stepped into the new Tampines Regional Library located at Our Tampines Hub recently. Cross the road from the NTUC Income building, and one flight of escalators brings you right to the entrance of the beautiful library. It was nice to see that an old playground featured prominently at the… Read more →

Wonderful chinese picture books by Singaporean authors

We are big fans of chinese picture books by Singaporean authors, having previously written about books by some 8 different authors here and here. Recently, I discovered another 6 great books.   《能救一个是一个》 When I flipped through this book, I was pleasantly surprised to realise that it was about my old church friend Dr Tan Lai Yong. His story is one that… Read more →

Got me Book Fairy wings recently!

I came across the Book Fairies initiative about a year ago. Have been following BookFairiesWorldwide and BookFairies_Singapore since. Recently, I put in my first order for Book Fairy stickers, bookmarks and ribbons, and decided to treat myself to a Book Fairy enamel pin too (cos it was so darling). How this works is simple: purchase stickers from (free delivery… Read more →


自从中学时期,虽然我在一所英校就读,但听的一律是 FM 93。3 醉心频道。所以我对”小寒”并不陌生。我知道她是个有名的作词家,但从不知道她长的什么样,也不晓得她是土生土长的新加坡人,年龄和我也不差很远。 这些是她的代表作品,一些歌该蛮熟悉的吧!   有一天,我带着女儿到城市书局去买书时,突然看见了”小寒”写的书。带去付钱时,店长微笑着说,”啊!这是新书!刚出的。” ”是啊?”,我边领着书,边领着另一份期待。 过去的十年里,我读的华文书寥寥无几,一只手便能数尽。直到今年,我买了尤今的《伤心的水》,读后感触很多。 我选择买这本书,大部分原因是因为很喜欢书名。新加坡追求满分的家长和学生多之又多,想逆水而游,是件难上加难的事。 因为每个人都这么做,那就代表它总没错,肯定是对的吗?我不以为然。 但我也一样,往往口不对心,唠叨孩子做功课,督促她温习。刻苦耐劳没有错,是个值得鼓舞的精神。但成千上万个家长的“努力”,是真的为了这个吗? 所以我特别喜欢小寒的这本书。她以幽默和感慨,指出追求满分通常是既不实际又费时。 虽然她自认很早就知道自己样貌上不是个满分女孩,但其实小寒长得蛮漂亮的。一看书后页的照片就看得出。在封面上,她明显的用了较不怡人的照片。 这是小寒的第四本书,好像是为女儿写的。 我很欣赏她的生活观和价值观。例如: 关于不要期盼做公主/不必靠男人: 小寒的幽默也无与伦比,如下: 每一个章节后,都有一首小寒写的歌。虽然我对它们不熟悉,但读起来好像在读诗篇。   ****************** I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it took me a long time to complete, mainly because my speed of reading Chinese is akin to reading it aloud. 以上的文章也是呕心沥血地挤出来的。 Nonetheless, it was worth the effort. It is much like… Read more →

Parenting – 14 gospel principles that can radically change your family (by Paul D Tripp)

I see parenting as probably one’s most important responsibility in this life. We prepare for working life by getting an education that spans 13 to 16 years but we go for zero certification before undertaking the huge role of a parent. There are good parenting courses and good books, but most of us who embark on the parenting journey usually feel… Read more →