Case for a Creator for kids – by Lee Strobel (review by K)


This book was given by my mummy as a prize for [doing well in] Show & Tell. My Favourite page is chapter 5’s picture on the left. I don’t have any Favourite page that has no picture. This is a picture of a mousetrap.


It is a very interesting book but also quite hard to understand. At first it talked about Scientist making the world or God (weird right? It’s something like that) then it talked about oxygen, now that silly mousetrap. But I guess it will all make sense in the end.

My favourite part is the oxygen and the mouse trap.

I saw a small picture of a book and it said,”Case for Faith”.


I have been asking for that book since I found out. But I had to finish this book first.

[Editor’s note: We have since bought that book and K has finished it too.

As a parent, I think this is such a precious resource in this day and age, when kids are being assailed with all sorts of worldviews.

Glad that K enjoys reading them. Will be happy to amass the entire set so B can benefit from it in future too.]


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