Bye bye, baby tooth!

Just like that, my five and a half year old’s first baby tooth fell out. On Friday the thirteenth, 2014. Whilst she was chomping on a fishball at a coffeeshop.

It had been shaky for a week or so, and when she visited the dentist last week, she prophetically said that it will probably fall out before the holidays end.

Nothing quite heralds growing up, such as a milestone like that, huh?

It seems like just yesterday, that we were ooh-ing and aah-ing over the little white bits that were poking out through her 8 month old baby gums. And now, the first of them have fallen off, and a fresh edge of an adult (*GASP*) tooth is peeping out in that little gap.

My baby is growing ADULT teeth? *wails*

And if you’re wondering whether we are going the tooth-fairy way with her fallen-out tooth, the answer is an very unromantic “nope”.

That’s because her grand-aunt threw it away minutes after it fell out. Grand-aunt said K told her to throw it away… K says no she didn’t…

Ah well! Anyway, there’s plenty more where that came from, 19 more to be exact. So plenty of chances to hoard those pearlies in time. For now, what we have is a real cute gap-toothed smile.

Some of her classmates have lost both their top two front teeth, whilst an elder cousin (one year older) hasn’t lost any. So I’m not sure how early or late this development is for my five and a half year old, but it jolts this five and a half year old mum! The years fly quickly indeed…

Bonus (unnecessary/gross) info: I still have most of my own baby teeth. I used to keep them in one of those old school small round plastic boxes (pink base, clear cover) for gold jewellery – anyone remember those? And I have my more recently extracted massive wisdom teeth in tiny ziplock bags. Heh.

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