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As a mum, leisurely window shopping and browsing in bookstores has become a thing of the past.

These days, shopping is all about the convenience of doing so from one’s laptop or phone, all the better if such platforms offer better deals than those by brick and mortar stores.

So when I hear of a good book recommendation from online communities of parents or book lovers, it’s easy to pop into an online bookstore, and procure the book almost immediately! No need to travel, no need to queue.

It is precisely the latter that gives this bookstore, the online arm of Times Bookstore, it’s name. No-queue = NoQ. Hur hur.

Always excited when there are brown paper packages arriving in the mail!

I had heard about NoQ from friends and read a few blog reviews on it. My personal shopping experience was pretty straightforward. After signing up for an accuont, I searched for the books I wanted, added to cart, filled in my credit card details, and voila, the process was complete!

I added a step of comparing the NoQ prices with that of Amazon and factored in the exchange rate, and additional GST that NoQ applies at checkout. Was pleased that NoQ was cheaper almost every time. And I wouldn’t have to chalk up USD$125 to qualify. Just SGD$25 qualifies for free shipping within Singapore!

I also took the opportunity to test the “live chat” support feature. Each time, someone would respond promptly and politely, to answer all my questions.

If you are wondering whether you can continue to surf whilst “chatting” with the service staff, the answer is Yes! I was a bit concerned that the chat would lapse if I continued shopping, but it did not, even as the page refreshed multiple times. Unlike bookstores, where sales assistants are as elusive as white peacocks, it was very helpful to have an online assistant on hand throughout my shopping stint.

I asked if I would know before completing my order, whether an item was out of stock. The chat service staff said that for almost all books, it is indicated in red print under “our price” if an item was “out of stock”. The person clarified that for a very small minority of books, that may not show up, and the buyer will only know after the purchase transaction was complete.

Thankfully, in my case, that did not occur, and all the books I ordered made their way successfully to my doorstep in 10 working days, well within the 7-14 working days promised on their website.

Some activity books too!

Here’s my haul of books! Pleased that I could get some rare titles from NoQ. The kids loved the books, and have gotten started on some of them already.

All in all, I had a hitch-free experience shopping on NoQ.

Discount alert: NoQ is offering 15% off all purchases for readers of this blog. Just enter the code “BOTTLE” at checkout from now till 31 October 2014, to enjoy this offer. πŸ™‚

Update: NoQ is having a GSS sale from now till tomorrow Fri 18 July 2014! Use code GSS2014 for 20% off all their 14 million books. If you missed this, there’s still code BOTTLE for 15% I guess. πŸ˜›

Note: I received a voucher from NoQ for the purposes of this review.

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