Bubble Magic – the most hilarious bubble show ever

We had written about this a couple of weeks ago, and finally the day of the show arrived! The girls were really excited and I thought the entire atmosphere within the Jubilee Hall was great – relaxed and informal.  The kids could be kids, and no one shushed them or tsk-ed at their loud (sometimes weird) comments. IMG_4215 The show was a barrel of laughs, and 5.5 year old K was giggling throughout, and even laughing hysterically at times. 3.5 year old B was rapt with attention, and couldn’t stop making loud observations throughout! Very schoolmarm-like as she repeatedly said “Bubbles are NOT for eating!” Yes indeed, my dear. IMG_4216

Even the adults were entertained by the clever use of smoke piped into bubbles. The effect was magical and the colours conjured up were very very pretty.  At some points the bubbles really looked so much like huge solid pearls, instead of the fragile fleeting substances they really are.


My favourite segments were the shadow play ones – it’s amazing how much can be said without words.


Blowing up an intricate line of bubbles held together by a long black elastic band.

Here are other fantastic photos from Lunchbox Productions that show some of the best scenes in their full glory:




The two performers were indeed top comic artistes with their deadpan expressions and hilarious antics.  Such great fun for us all!  The show runs till 14 Sep, so if you’re looking for an entertaining show to bring your kids to this school holidays, it’s not too late. : )

Tickets, priced at $70 or $85, may be purchased from SISTIC.

The following discounts are available:

Through All SISTIC Channels

S$280 for Family of 4 [Applicable for Cat 1 only] [Applicable with purchase of 4 tickets per transaction]

Through SISTIC Authorised Agents only 

10% discount for Toys ‘R’ Us StarCard Members  [Verification: Present valid membership card upon purchase tickets at the counter] [Applicable from 18 Jun 2014 till 12 Sep 2014]

[Applicable for 10 – 12 Sep 2014 shows only]

[Applicable to Cat 1 only]  


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Note: We received tickets to Bubble Magic for the purpose of this review.

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