Bright Nights at Sentosa – The State of Fun

After the last post on bringing our children outdoors more often, we managed to spend an evening out at Sentosa as a family!

It has been some time since we last visited Sentosa to experience their outdoor activities. Look at how little they were then!

Personally, I think it has been more than 10 years since I went on the Cable Car. I used to gaze wistfully at them plying their route way up high when I went to VivoCity or RWS. Now, we had a chance to go!


Singapore Cable Car – Sentosa Line and Faber Line

Initially the kids were like Ahhhhh! We are so high!

But the spectacular views and the very steady smooth ride soon made the experience more fun than anything else.

The gramps also really enjoyed themselves – it had been even longer since they had been on the Cable Car, and they were impressed with how different Sentosa is today, especially as we glided over Adventure Cove.

Skyline Luge

Next we were off to experience the Luge! Look at how little they were the last time we went on the Luge.

It was 6 year old B’s first time going solo, and she took a while to get the hang of it, but managed to complete the Jungle Trail!

The second time we went, I went double with her, and we completed the Dragon Trail in a speedy whoosh!

For us, the Skyline Ride is just as enjoyable as driving the luge. Whilst the latter is exciting, the former is utterly relaxing.



Thereafter, we were off to the highlights (pun intended) of our visit!

“Bright Nights at Sentosa” encapsulates the many after-dark displays and activities that Sentosa has to offer. As dusk settles, the island comes to life in a different way.

Merlion Magic Light Show

On the way home, when I asked them what they enjoyed the most, K actually said that she liked the Merlion Light Show the most, followed by the Luge! She said it was mainly because it was fascinating how they could magically project on the Merlion such that it looked so different.

Who knew that this large stone sculpture could be such a wonderful canvas?

Here’s our video of the opening sequence of the light show.


Pop Up Night 2

Then we went up 4 flights of escalators to Imbiah Lookout, where there were a series of family-friendly art installations and activities.


The girls painted their hands with fluorescent body & face paint, which glows iridescently in the ultra-violet light, as with all the other neon art installations.

The “Glit N’ Glam DIY Painting” station is open from 7pm – 1030pm nightly.

William Lee’s quirky installations of the 2D Gnome’s House (which looks even more 3D when taken at the right angle – we were a bit off) and Unicorns whose eyes are painted to look like they are following your gaze wherever you may turn, made for fun photo opportunities.

(Spot the glowing leaf on B’s hand below!)

This Glow Yarn Art (one of 11 different structures) curated by Adeline Loo was fascinating too. It was created using only straight lines but the metric positions at which the strings intersect create the illusion of curves.

The girls were so tired at the end of the day, but it was certainly fun being out and about amongst the Bright Nights of Sentosa!





Note: Thanks Sentosa for the media invite!

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