Brickmaster Friends

A while ago when we explored this gift from a friend, K was interested but I was the person constructing the various models most of the time. This time, K was able to construct them from looking at the illustrations, and insisted that she wanted to do them herself.

This is the initial ‘home’ set up, of the girls sitting in their bedroom and dreaming up adventure.

Now K can read quite confidently, so she can appreciate the simple story line, and the ‘conversation’ between the two Lego girls, haha!

Reading the simple story line

Later that day, she tinkered with the Lego tiles again. I asked which model she was creating. She said she was constructing her own “castle”. Wonderful. I guess that’s how Lego is meant to be used anyhow. To expand the imagination, and to create both the known, and the yet unknown.

Her own ‘castle’ and sofa creation

 How many hours of our own childhood were made of fixing and dismantling these little bricks. Creating simple fortresses, houses, or conjuring up stories of familial life, or distant wars?

With this “Friends” set, in a way, it’s nice cos I never had little girl-centric Lego to mess around with, but in another way, it’s kinda sad that pink has invaded even Lego. I want to get her more “boy toys”, but first I’ll have to spring clean our storehouse of way-too-many toys.

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