Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift – 2014 launch

We have been participating in the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift (BBSG) exercise that rolls around every Christmas for 3 years now.  So when we received an email asking if we’d be keen for the girls to volunteer and appear in their publicity posters this year, we were thrilled!

I think the PR agency that was volunteering to coordinate publicity for BBSG contacted us after seeing our FB and blog posts on how the girls were involved in this initative last year.

It turned out that our friend Delphine who blogs at In the Wee Hours was also invited to volunteer, and it was fun to see familiar faces at the photoshoot.

I thought it was really nice that the PR agency was doing this pro bono, as was the photographer who had to book a studio for the shoot and all, and the graphic design company that conceptualised the layout of the leaflets and posters.

 Christmas cover photo

The girls were invited to the official launch of BBSG on 20 Nov, and it was nice that their grandma and aunt could bring them there. We didn’t realise that it was going to be quite so grand, with VIPs such as the Minister for Manpower and the head honcho of NTUC.  The girls got some cute shots for their scrapbooks.



And a wefie too (below)!


So we are all fired up this year, to get some groceries.  Our society is such a materialistic one, where most of us are just obsessed with saving up for the next thing that we can acquire. I know I’m guilty of that too. So it’s time that we consider others’ needs, beyond our wants.

Last year when we went to help deliver the groceries, we saw first hand how some Singaporeans, especially those elderly and living alone, really have very little.  We’ve already signed up to deliver groceries again, and hope to bring not just groceries, but warmth and cheer to their homes, especially through the little girls’ greetings!

Why not carve some time out this December, to help in the deliveries too? Don’t just give of your money, but your time too. If you have kids, this would be a great way for them to join you in giving back to the community.   Sign up here, and “like” the BBSG Facebook Page for heartwarming updates!

We can do it, Singapore!!

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